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PollyMobiles Rebuild


I've ruined my car 🙁
The old, worn & stretched 6PK825 alternator belt was starting to squeal occasionally under high loads even with the tensioner maxed out.

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So I brought a shorter 6PK815 belt

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And now it fits soo much better and the tensioner is well within it's adjustment range

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I always found that the brands made a big difference to the length of them. One brand 6pk625 wouldn't fit and I had to get it changed for a 628 mm long one

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The old throttle pedal has abit of play in the pivot point, so I took it out to assess



Found a ball bearing that fits over the existing shaft, welded it onto the bracket to hold the pedal steady


Replaced the flimsy plastic pedal with a steel plate welded onto the arm and the sparco cover riveted over




Now it moves much smoother and by leaving out that stiff pedal spring, the throttle response is soo much sharper & lighter


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