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Photo's of Members K11's

ITS YOU! YOUWERE THE ONE WHO BOUGHT THE MICRA! That was the one Micra that I fell in love with. You bought it 20 mins before I called the guy...
When is it?

This advert was on eBay for like two weeks after he bought this micra.

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What are those wheel arch extensions from? S13? I'm looking for something similar to fit onto my K11.
I love how the most popular motors are never the ones which are actually put together and engineered... Just visual... No actual notable design or thought. No offence @skymera

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Just upsets me that actual cars worth noting are never seen to get any respect. Bling and fake ass owners just do it for the lows... Wouldn't mind but its not even done well. Some custom arches or modded arms or hubs...nothing.. Slam it. Do a #### and unsafe job. Get cool points. All the kids love you.

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copying is good, its the pasting we would have difficultys with chris boy them hehehehehe.
dreaded parachute. funny got a mention that it look better without but I couldnt tell if that guy was high :), I'm normally good at that

bun fire is this boy straight or just a muking liar.r-reg.new.shhhh_____iisshhh


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Those fronts are probably illegal...iirc there should be no wheel or tyre tread that sticks out further than the arch...but, like most laws, it's down to the individual officer's interpretation...
Well I current have 195 50 15 8j on front and rear and the rear is only showing the sidewall & no tread but the front has 35 mm more poke as the front axle is longer I'm lead to believe so I'm guess a 185 60 15 would be legal as long as no tread is showing .... but then I'm left with my ugly 35 mm offset :(


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Couple from today. I'm not the best iPhone photographer, but I try to do the old girl justice.

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