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Photo's of Members K11's

Use this thread to upload images of your K11 to the forum.

Official members can upload direct from your hardrive. Registered Members will need to host off the site from a website or an upload manager

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Kev :)


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this is my k11 super s

and thanks to ricardo swarez


ps please notice the corsa in the background it also has been photoshopped-lol


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Photo's of Member's K11's

Use this thread to upload photo's of your K11.

Official Members can upload from the hardrive. Registered Members will need to host off site from an external website or upload manager.

Well i think i should post some pics of mine! the only if not one of the only modded k11 automatics.... What do you think??

http://www.moddedmicras.co.uk/upload/exif.php?image=13-Summer2005 028.jpg
http://www.moddedmicras.co.uk/upload/exif.php?image=29-Summer2005 026.jpg
http://www.moddedmicras.co.uk/upload/exif.php?image=7-Summer2005 032.jpg
http://www.moddedmicras.co.uk/upload/exif.php?image=24-Summer2005 029.jpg
sorry for the crap links dont know how to do this, if someone could help that'd be great


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Andy_S Micra

Here is my Micra.

Ive had the car lowered 70mm (Thanks to Kristian) and had Bucket Seats in which are Cobra Clubman (Thanks to Dusk). I Also got a New Steering wheel from ebay and the boss kit again from Kristian :)

I also sold my 2 10" Subs which were in a Perspex Box as the amp i used for them had a loose component so stopped working :( so i decided to buy a new 12" sub and amp and it just fits sideways as i need bootspace now for Work Tools as im a Electritian.

Heres a few pics as it stands now.



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Ladders?? lmao (edit - Ah yeh lmao i know what u mean now :))

Anyway part 3

The pic with the 4 grommets in the roof is where that Big old Silly :) Spolier was. Im just gonna paint those red (colour of car) eventually lmao



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Hello! Finally got around to taking some pictures of my Micra. I've only done a few mods so far, but I think its looking better.

Hope y'all like it! :unclesam:
Some of you have seen these before in my own threads, but seeing as theres a specific K11 thread now, you may aswell feast your eyes on these once more...

with my old wheels and on 30mm springs....

These are with current wheels on and lowered 45mm-ishh...



Hi all, this is my first ever post, so hope the pictures comes out right! :blush: