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Photo's of Members K10's


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Thought I'd just show you a few more recent images of my K10





Not much has changed, but the others were over a year old so I thought I'd better update them...


My lil white beast :D

and yes before u ask, i do really want some alloys and a spoiler for it. anyone selling some??
if yes, message details to [email protected]. cheers!

(pics 1 & 2 feature the front of dad's skyline :love: )



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The Beast

Here it is in all it's glory....haven't had the picture book out in a long time!

Currently getting a nice new engine


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It looks like it's been converted to an ST, i'm pretty sure those aren't ST doorcards! Very very very nice though :)


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I updated it with a half decent picture... basically just visualize the car without the green tape on it and that's what it looks like haha... I'll take more pics soon... I'll show you my custom resevoir for my radiator.. I think at least half of you will laugh so hard you'll pee a little at the sight of it :rolleyes: however, it beats having to refill my rad every 2 weeks or so :grinning: Any suggestion on what kind of struts (i need 2 fronts) to get? the stock ones here are $144 (CAD) about £64... i kinda want lowering springs too... My bud has a set of 4 lowering springs, but they're designed for acura/honda cars... could i mod the mounts to fit the micra?


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i wouldn't bother moddin springs, just buy some new or second hand that were made for the k10!!! Try Demon Tweeks :)


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translated!!!!! :D

Hello friend, very pretty your Micron, I I am of Panama and I have one of the 85 model Gl three doors that brought of Canada, since aqui they were sold under the name "March".

Your car seems a model 86 - 87 by the lights covers and rear defense, but you say that is model 83??

Hola amigo, muy bonito tu Micra, yo soy de Panama y tengo uno del 85 modelo Gl tres puertas que trajeron de Canada, ya que aqui se vendieron bajo el nombre "March".

Tu coche parece un modelo 86 - 87 por las luces tapa y defensa trasera, pero usted dice que es modelo 83??


Im not to sure what year it is because it got a new number plate 5 years ago and im not too sure when it was made.

pd: pasate por aki ^^


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love it paul, keep the steelies too IMHO- i like that look! Is it on coilovers? Thats lovely and low :)

heres one of mine, more recent:



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this should actually be in that one topic where it took a poll regarding how many clicks their engine had gone:

It was cheap and relatively easy... WHY NOT! lol

Long story short, when I got the car, that section of the car had COMPLETELY rusted away.. so I fibreglassed it (a very poor job I must say) but it was enough to stick a selftapper on the inside of the wheel well... one day when i was backing into a parking spot, i backed in too far and ravaged the selftapper holding the mud flap... so i said w/e and fired another on the inside and then that one there haha

Squeaky clean :love:

alternate view of the squeaky cleanness lol

hope you enjoy :blush: as you can tell, i haven't done any aftermarket exterior... that waits until summer hehe

Paul H

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:k10camper Some really nice K 10's there! I would like to chat to any K10 owners. Mine needs some attention but still going. I wish I'd known about the club sooner. Great stuff. I've just joined with Mr Moto, silver K10, '89 registered. I'll post some pickies when I've puzzled out the computer thingamie.


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Yummy, very clean :) Nice work! I'll be posting some new pictures soon, I'm going to be swapping engines from a 4dr '89 Micra, auto with 178k to my current 2dr '89 manual.. I was thinking of making a walkthrough with a bounty of pictures for the process.... We'll see hehe..


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very nice :)

what the hell are those bonnet vents off??? I know them from somewhere and can't put my finger on it!!!! :)


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Black grille! I take it yours was in a crash? I bought mine with a black one, not realising it wasn't standard at the time. Had been in a front ender

nah it was orginally red, then i sprayed it black, then back to red now...lol.

it had been hit in the back...as i bought it as a cat d right off....lol.:k10: