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Photo's of Members K11's


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Finally got round to taking some pics of my car, all freshly cleaned and polished this morning!!



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well heres mine got a piccy of when it was still a virgin b4 i played with it :p
other pics r a few changes n last one as u can tell with spoiler its abit of an old piccy but not much changed just the repeaters all i can think at moment but also added a lil vid of exhaust :p

oh yeh kniks i was wondering bout ur wheels too r the kei force 8's or something (think aerospeed or such has similar design 2) but i thought they only did larger sizes...




Here's my baby

this is the only pic i have on computer. Still have LOADS of stuff to do but money is poor!



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At last i've got some pictures of mine. hope you like my 'blank canvas' inspiration:

Whatever posessed someone to SPRAY those awful stripes on, I mean, they don't even go over the whole car ffs. :sick:

Today I dropped in some new plugs, did an oil and filter change and put in a ciggy lighter for satnav/charger.



This was standard last weekend, now lowered as of yesterday by 35mm and new alloys with 145/45/15's. Its getting driver door re painted next week and on look out for some splitters and maybe exhaust next.



My £480 beasty!

New mirrors, bonnet & tailgate on the way. needs lowering & standard steelies going on too!!!!



This is my haggard k11, i have loadsa things i have to do. And many more that i want too do but i will post a new thread about that hehehe..



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:devil: Here is the beast after much done to it... :devil:

Check mums new Mitsubishi Colt infront :D lol


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Spent all day working on my car yesterday and this is now how it looks.

I've added: super s bumpers (still got to wire up the driving lights)
laguna splitters - solid one on back and vented one on front
headlight covers with the top painted red
open and meshed grille with red and black nissan badge
and not pictured cos I forgot to take a pic is a 100NX steering wheel which looks loads nicer than the micra one :D

the car needs a good wash.



Lovely pictures Evade!

I really should clean my car more often... :wasntme: But anyways, here it is lol:



Just realised I had some nicer pictures than that that I took in Scotland, and on my way up there... Here goes:

The causeway to Holy Island:

Coming into Scotland (very dirty now, but wouldn't you be if you'd done 400 odd miles ;)):

These were taken at Tayport, on the other side of the River Tay to Dundee, I was in an arty mood ;)

And the last one, taken by the riverfront in Dundee :):

For that last photo, this is exactly where i was parked lol: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=Dundee&ll=56.451381,-2.997752&spn=0.001081,0.00339&t=k


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just a update really. Did a Shoot of the micra when i cleaned it. Dirty now cause of snow and salt etc :(

ps i know the year is wrong on the camera ive changed it now lol. oh and bump strips are being removed but been working all weekend so aint had time to get petrol and soak it in etc..

any comments welcome :)




O meu nissan micra.

Nissan Micra 1.0 1996 -S Trofeu- 16v

By LinKed - Portugal
well my car is finally finished bar two gauges and a maniflow manifold.

the car has the following on it:
full NME supsension setup
Volk racing cv pro (15 x 7.5)
l.e.d read lights from supermarch
custom induction kit
omp powdercoated strut brace
powder coated cam cover
janspeed decat and maniflow cat back and backbox
custom chromed shortshifter and nismo gearknob
color coded everythin includin indcators lol
painted front lights
pro plus jgx front speakers
jdm l.e.d rear spoiler
grille painted black



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Heres some pics of my car finally!!lol. I say its just about finished but as you can see at the bottom I still have some plans.

Heres some pics of my car, going from standard then through to what its like now.


1st up was some alloys, went for 15" Dezent Daytona's

Next up was to lower the car on Eibach Springs & KYB Shocks, also fitted were tinted windows and bucket seats & harnesses

Finally came the open grill and meshing the bumper. Full Janspeed system also fitted.

Still planned for the car is whiteline handling kit, an induction kit, strut brace possibly a 1.6 thottle body aswell as colour coding and tinting rear lights.


got some new pics :grinning:

notice the GT-R badge instead of an empty space :laugh:

the smooth back....

if u look closely, you can see the kit is coming off :down: [sum1 reversed into it!]

just a small mess about with few features on photoshop and if u squint o_O , it kinda looks like a skyline :grinning: (or maybe not)