newbie.........oil question

hi everyone

just joined the forum and thought say hello and also a question (to start with)

i just brought my first Nissan Micra, and i have a question about engine oil consumption.

my car is a 1.2 lit Micra (80 hp) with HR12DE engine (3 cylinder).

generally speaking does the engine burn oil on my model ? i appreciate its to with driving style etc but i just wanted to get a feel that do i need to be on top of checking oil etc if this engine is prone to burning oil. my previous car Punto (1.4) use to consume oil quite a bit and need to check fortnightly and top up.

Hi Joseph,

Almost 4 years and 52.000 km and no oil burn or any issue with the engine. It is recommended to use synthetic oil, 0w20, but as that is expensive and hard to find, I use 10w30. The finer the oil the better as the cylinder clearance is very small being a new engine design.
The only problem I've seen lately is an A/C valve that leaks the A/C gas. Easy fix I believe, but I will look into it when the summer will be closer.