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New to Micras, Come from the Godzilla side of the Nissan house.

Started working on R32s back in 2002, when I was stationed at RAF Fairford. Fast forward a few years, my wife tells me she wants a Figaro. Well, we just bought one. The car is so cool that I am keeping it for myself. The major draw back is the engine (MA10), we all know what a powerhouse that baby is.

I have heard/read that the CG13 is a fairly good platform. So, I am looking for a donor car. The Micra seems to be the winner. Are there better years than others? Or are they all the same? Meaning casting issues, weaker blocks, etc.

I am a GTR guy at heart, and I like a little power. After reading some threads, it looks like base power is 74 hp, with a 160hp limit, so around 1.1 barish? Am I in the ball park? I am talking about a fairly efficient turbo. Also, do they come in limited slip?

Can't wait to get back to England.

That's it,
Also later cga3de had coilpack ignition and a bit more displacement, but flywheel is heavy and difficult to lighten iirc due to having an integrated crank angle trigger wheel. Later NATS anti theft can be a pain.