New to the board, not so new to Micras

Hi everyone! There's a girl in your midst. Please feel free to call me Kelly, Marina, Camisado, Cami, or whatever takes your fancy, as long as I know you're referring to me. Just please don't call me Kells! ;) It really grates.

I've gone ahead and made a blog thread for my 2001 K11. It was my first car, and I've thus been driving it almost five years. I don't ever want to drive anything else! It could do with some tidying up, though, and I've covered that in the thread...

I'm a ICT Application Support Officer and Developer for a local government authority and have been for three years. My hobbies outside work are drawing comics and playing video games (largely Zelda, and Mario Kart), as well as a bit of creative writing. I enjoy largely electronic music and am pleased that my factory configuration speakers are so good in my Micra!

I still live at home due to financial reasons - completing a Computing degree with the Open University while I work full time. Mum worked in the car trade for 18 years, and Dad is a good handyman, especially with cars... so I hope I don't come across as clueless as people might think.