New member saying hello

Hello, we have ran a 1999 1.0 micra in bright yellow (inspiration) as our second car for 2 years but it has just been given its last rites due to structural rust issues. It only had 85,000 on the clock and I thought I may get a lot longer out of it but for some reason it was very rusty underneath. Anyway that is parked up in my back garden and we have replaced it with a 1.0 S 2002 with 45,000 on the clock and no obvious signs of rust. It does however have a stiff gear stick which doesnt centre but have found from this site that I need to fixed the spring or nick it of the yellow car and remove clean and regrease the bushes on the gearbox linkage. It just occured to me that I have used this site as a resource for fixing micras over the past few years and how helpful it is as a resource for such info and just wanted to say ta. (Y)