Hello: new member


I'm new and just bought my first K11 on Sunday - this is not your average mid-life crisis.

I believe she's a pre-facelift, 1996,1275cc 16v and seems pretty rust-free šŸ¤ž. I bought my K11 from an old boy in London whose wife sadly passed away; it was her pride and joy. She was the second owner of the car since July 1999. The car seems well cared for, garaged, Nissan stamped service book and body work is in general good order from what I can make out. No power steering.

The plan? Well I'm new member of Farnborough District Motor Club so I hope to use my new K11 for some autosolos, nav rallies maybe, even a targa... who knows? First things first though, the K11's previous owner hadn't driven much for last few years, so I need to do some work and address MOT advisories (CV boots, tyres). It really needs a proper full service too and I need to look into the steering wheel judder which became apparent on the motorway home (hard to get a car up to motorway speeds in London without risking your license ).

I'm generally really pleased with my new purchase. There are only two things which I would have liked, which it doesn't have:

1) I think having power steering would make a difference for autosolos ( I believe this can be retrofitted if parts can be found for a 26 year old car?) and;
2) A way of replacing/upgrading the original drivers-side roof mounted aerial to a shorter/flexi option.

But for a Ā£monkey, I can't complain much.

I have seen that some of you have retro-fitted a bing-sting aerials to the rear of your K11s but I'm not sure I can be that bothered to go as far as repositioning etc. A simpler direct replacement/upgrade that functionally works, without much aesthetic concern would be fine for me if I can find a solution (I'm mid-30s with kids and driving a Micra. Really, who am I trying to impress?!)

Anyway, that's a little about me and I look forward to hearing from all of you in the forums.