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New K10 member and car

Hi new on here and new to K10's but been into cars for over 25 years!!!
ive always been into 80's 90's cars and had alot of retro vauxhalls, fords and race cars!
so anyway i was looking for a cheap project/daily car and came across this little beauty,
as ive never drove one before i did what i do thought id buy it and see how it goes, and after driving it back home over 50 miles i am now smitten!!!

what do you guys think? is it known on here?
I can't say i've ever seen it before but good find! K10's are fab little cars and really are underestimated. All the best with it! :)
Cheers buddy, ive been driving it alot lately and i love it!! it will be a summer cruiser then come the winter, who knows what will happen as i have a habbit of modding stuff lol had a mk1 fiesta so put a 2litre zetec in it and had a few c20xe novas, and also built a few stockcars and engines !!! i just cant leave #### alone,

and primeras are super cheap so hopefully come winter, build a project engine swap thing lol, watch this space dont know if rwd or fwd is the way forward? what do you think???
As you know the engine bay of a K10 is pretty big so you can fit some decent size engine's in them haha!
Common swaps include a CG13DE 1.3L out of a Mk2 Micra, GA16DE, 1.6L out the 1st Gen Almera's/Primera's and the SR20DE 2L from the 1st gen Almera GT and Primera GT. Most of these swaps, people stick with the fuel injection and swap looms over.

You can get some decent power out of the standard K10 engine (MA10 1L) with a bike carb set up with custom 4 branch manifold and exhaust if you don't want to go too crazy :)
yea been looking at the bike carb idea for a cheap mod for now, until i take it off the road at the end of the year! most people seem to use the 600 bike carbs dont they??