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Been lurking for a few weeks for ideas, so I`ve decided to join up. Basically the rundown of our car it`s been gifted to my son from his nan (my mom) and bben off the road about 5 yrs 53plate 1.2s 80 bhp? and done a genuine 26,000 miles :oops: .It had been left in the in the drive when she brought a new car and as a lockdown project we have decided to re-comission it, as at 26 he`s now decided he wants to drive.

Anyway having been over the underneath (I used to be a mechanic) it`s looked like its stood the time well with the only rust being that on the inner O/S wheel arch (apparantly in a place where they do seem to go (only about the size of a 10p piece) So have ordered a complete front disk/pads and rear shoes for some father son bonding time while fitting, and give it a quick decent wash and a light detailing to start off with, with the view to getting it ready for it`s first MOT in a while. Had to change the battery (now lost it`s radio code :() to get it started but fired up 2nd go but apart from the changing the drive belt we will refrain from a good service till we know what if anything else it`s going to need to pass.
Anyway thanks for looking and any tips appreciated ;)




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Looks pretty clean. I'm sure someone on here can sort you a code

I did the same with an old mini with my dad as my first car.. lots of ups and downs but totally worth it
Looks great, he's a lucky lad, I hope he appreciates both the car and yourself! I've recently acquired an '03, not quite so immaculate tho. It needed 3 new tyres, old ones had lots of tread but very perished, one was 15 years old. I'm sure you know that the timing chain on the early ones can give trouble, gonna treat mine to some nice fully synthetic oil very soon. Keep us posted. :)
Hi Wolfie, I too am a new member on here. I am looking after a 2007 Initial 1.2 petrol whilst a friend is abroad. Was off the road for 3 years sitting. I had to put the leaf blower on it to remove all the hedge trimming etc stuck in the front windscreen well etc. Given it a basic service Oil/air filter.
I had to polish the front headlights to get it through the MOT - I used butlers friend and it did the trick. Apparently this is common due to the anti sun laquer failing. I moved on to clean the carburetta - OMG it was very sooty but worst was the inlet manifold seals - literally falling into pieces - I dont know if some of it has dropped into engine! These seems to be only available at dealers for about £10 a pop and I need 4. More expensive than the spark plugs. Which are covers are stuck - Top bit sprayed with WD40 ( not actually in to plugs yet).
I did think about trying to make some inlet seals from washing machine tubing - but not sure if they would melt.
Anyhow - not meaning to highjack your thread - just saying Hi as another new member who has run it to some common problems.
Im a basic DIY car bod - my love was a volvo 1996 TDI 2.5 auto. I may have to get a tattoo (Joke)