New gear linkage bushes?


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Does anyone know where to get them from as i think mine has gone, when i fitted the pulsar short shifter it was a dead tight box, now its all lose and rattles, i think the rattles are the washers on the actual short shifter but the loseness i think must be the bushes as the bolts holding the shifter to the selector are very tight.

Any ideas are welcome :grinning:

Cheers Adam


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dealers didn't have the bushes listed seperate and most breakers prob only sell the entire linkage.

but its best to grab a whole gear selector linkage from the scrappies or breakers cos its the soft polyurethane universal that tends to wear off oval from the years of twisting.

before buying, check that its not worn slack too and also that the linkage is the same length as urs cos i found the preface and facelift versions were different lengths when i replaced mine.

alternatively you could get a machine shop to lathe some to fit the hole precisely

or i just replaced my bushes with ball bearings here