need some advice ,

I have a k13 facelift , 63 plate ,

I noticed at the weekend that the distance between the top of the tyre and the bottom of the wheel arch is visibly different . front to rear

I can see the suspension strut on the front wheels but not the rear ,

the ride height , that's the distance from the bottom of the wheel arch to the road is different , front to rear

the rear height is 25 1/2 inches ,

the front height is 26 1/4 inches ,

the front end looks higher when you look at the gap between tyre and wheel arch ,

I have measured a neighbours car "fiesta " and there is no difference between front and rear , ride height .

I called the dealer I bought the car from and the service manager measured onr in the showroom and he said his measurements are the same as mine .

but my thought is , it looks wrong , should you be able to see the strut on the front and not the rear ,

is there anyone here with a k13 , who would be kind enough to measure the distance from the bottom of wheel arch to road , front and rear .

I would be very gratefull for any thoughts or advice .

many thanks

I have just looked at the micra website for the first time and read your message......I purchased a new micra just 4 weeks ago so went out to my garage and took the measurements
that you are concerned about........They are Front 26 1/4 " Rear 25 3/4 " These were taken on a car that still has less than 200 miles on the clock and nothing in the boot,
Hope this helps.
Hi , missmyjazz,

many thanks for taking the time to measure your car ,that's put my mind at ease ,

what made me concerned is , that I can see the suspension between the top of the front tyre and bottom of wheel arch , where as you cant see it on the rear.

I saw the same model micra in a car park today and looked at theres , and theres has the same gapping as mine ,

it looks so unusal , other cars I look at don't have a difference in gaps between front and rear .

how are you finding your new micra , any problems ,

mines been back 3 times so far and is going back again in a couple of weeks ,personally its the worst car I have ever bought and will never buy another micra again ,"I ordered it pre launch"

its my 3rd new micra , the last 2 were k12 diesels , which I loved , I have had several phone talks with Nissan , and told them what I thought of the facelift .

rumour is they are going to put the 1.2 , 3 cylinder engine in the new qashqai , which I think will be a mistake , its not powerfull enough to pull the micra never mind the qashqai .

thanks again .

I believe the 1.2 is going to be about 120bhp? Just had 3 new ones delivered and personally think it's a massive improvement :)
What issues are you having with the micra? :)
wow wish my 1.2 was 120bhp , as I said to my dealer the only way to achieve the bhp advertised by Nissan is to drive at 5500 revs , it redlines at 6500.

am I right in guessing you work at a dealership , having just had 3 delivered, is that the new qashqai ,

problems are , heat shield rubbing on gearbox causing vibrations and rattles at low speed ,
joint in exhaust causing vibrations
rear seat bench cover is coming of
gearbox issues , as in cant engage 1st and 2nd going down the box.

my biggest issue is the engine is so underpowered ,it struggles to accelerate to keep with the flow of traffic , I was burnt of by a 3 wheel pie van from del boys era at a set of traffic lights .

fuel consumption,47 mpg not 56 mpg as advertised .my neighbour has a 2.5 v6 Volvo estate that does 45mpg,

I got rid of a fiesta econetic 1.6 that did 76mpg.

my last micra 1.5dci was powerfull and did over 60mpg.
yeah I work in a Nissan dealer and it us the new facelift qashqai looks really nice :)
Wow is that the dig-s 1.2 engine :O the mpg sound about right from when I have driven one over a distance cars rarely see advertised (pretty ####ty I know) as for the rest is the dealer saying it's normal? Or fobbing you off?
I am a qashqai fan , but they out my price league

do you not think the new qashqai looks like the new Suzuki crossover , released a few months ago.

no its the 1.2 standard engine ., I realized the mpg wouldn't be as per book . but its 8 to 10 mpg less than Nissan says ,

I have had several conversations, with a Nissan customer service manager about the micra ,

I have had micras 20 years ago, better than this model , faster more economical , better built.

as regards my probs , the heatshield and exhaust connection sorted.

Nissan have refused to re place the rear seat bench and have instructed the dealer to re stretch it ,"hell what do you expect for 10k"

gear box issues , the engineer said , it is as per comparable models, a quick google search shows others have had issues with this gearbox, "a chap from Europe has had problems with both the k13 and note gear boxes , he left his thought on one of my threads."

when I collected my car I asked , "very nicely , despite been fed up with this car " if the engineer could come on a test drive with me. he didn't but the service manager did, and he couldn't even get my car in 1st gear .after the test drive he acknowledge my problems but said there is nothing I can do .

another conversation with Nissan, and they told me to go and get a second opinion ,"at my expense" so the gear box issue is not resolved .

heres a really stupid problem , the car seat headrests rise up while you are driving ,I mentioned this on yet another occasion it was back at the dealers , the girl on the service desk laughed and said , they "her and her husband" had bought the new note and he keeps going on about the same thing, so she was intrigued to see why they did that .the engnineer said that it cant rise up on there on accord as it defies gravity , so I left with that problem un resolved , having said that , I have fixed that myself

I must say the dealers are great , its not them , its a poor product and there hands are tied ,
Just measured them and the heights are the same as you specified: front height is 26 1/4 inches and rear 25 1/2 inches. It used to be higher when I bought it, but after 1 and half year, these are the measurements. ;)
No car sits 100% level. The micras got an odd stance for sure but theres probably a reason behind it. Lets face it the k13 cant handle any worse

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