I need some advice.

Seems like the old thread didn't work... :blush:

I did a simple edit of my car in photoshop. I don't have money for any major changes like buying a bodykit but I think these ones will make it look pretty cool.

-Removing the middle part of the grill
-Getting rid of the wipers by the headlights
-Removing the Nissan logo on the front
-Spraying parts of the car in the original color instead of black (plastic details)
-Windows are tinted already :upside:

ps. I'd like to lower the car but I have no idea what ones to buy. I don't know what fits my car.
I would also like another spoiler but it feels impossible to get a hold of parts.


What I was wondering is if you guys could help me out with advice on how to do these "mods". They're simple and I've got a basic idea but I'm a total newbie when it comes to actually doing something.

What kind of paint is suitable for the plastic stuff? The same kind you use for the car? I went to the store where they mix paint for you and got a can of my car's color. I was fixing the little rust it had. BUT! The stupid paint was slightly lighter than my car's! I don't know what to do. Sure, they said it's almost impossible to get the exact same color but you can tell where I painted. : (

What's the best way to remove the Nissan logo and get it to look like nothing has been there from the start?

I probably missed out on something but you get the idea.
Also, I'm from Sweden so that might make it more difficult for me to buy parts?


First of all, those headlight wipers are as rare as the goose which laid the golden egg, so i'd re-consider parting with those. Flog them if you do, they may be of value.

Some of the mods you have described such as the grille have been done already. There may be some information about the procedure floating around on the MSC already, if not, you basically need to take the badge off and remove any glue etc underneath. There'l be two holes left in the grille which you need to fill using fiber glass and filler. You'l need to remove the stats & fibreglass and fill the gaps that leaves in the side too.

Rear spoilers are quite hard to get hold of, even in the UK, so im not sure how much luck you'l have over there! Not much i imagine.

With regards to paints, most places can make up paints to the paint code colour stamped in the engine bay. Although the paint you have is not the same, its possible the colour on the car has faded over time anyway, so best give it a T-cut and bring it back to its factory colour and then you'l really know what colour your working with. I was amazed how much the colour of my car changed when it had its first T-cut in 12 years.
Alright, thanks for the reply. Are there any other grill ideas I could go for? I've seen some awesome ones on this forum.

As for the wipers, they're not rare at all here. Pretty much every micra has them.

Should I remove the plastic ones on the sides and fill the gaps? What about the rear and front ones? Should I just repaint those?


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The light brown one might be an original grill from the March Super Turbo!! Not sure tho, but it does look similar!!


No it isn't, the grille on the brown one is a VERY rare standard K10 one, I think it was most common in Germany and Holland, I think i've only seen one in the UK with that grille!


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Buy light brown do you mean my gold one? G725COO? its definatly not an Super Turbo grill, its one i cobbled togther out of a standard k10 grill, some filler and a couple of spot lights. :D
Yes, sorry. I didn't see that it was gold. It looked similar to mine. Your grill is my favorite, it's awesome. And I love what you did to the wheels, so simple but still so cool. How did you do those? Anyway, good job. : )


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i spent ages tryng to find the european one, theres also another similar one to it. i spoke to loads of people on various forums, and mates abroad but still couldnt find one!