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My odds and sods micras ive had over the years ,

So this is a sub blog to bumblebees validly about the other micra s and such I've had and done ect, and of more recently mods and work I've done on some,
Since as of now I've had 15 micras , 1 clio uggh, two Nissan datsun pickup and well some are kinda interesting lol
I'll be slowly building this up as got achived stuff all over haha,
So this was my first car a k12 sx, all the bells and whistles , got it for £420 back in 2015 and it was almost going for scrap ,but lovely car but boring as to drive just So o quiet , predictable ect

Then came along a yellow bumblebee haha in 2016

And few weeks later a tempest for £70

Basically the sills were rotten, and it had 128k but not well looked after and Honda alloys on,
Also found it last week forsale still alive somehow haha
Some. Nice rear ends,


A funny thing about the tempest was the drivers door lock failed and I blew the deadlock unit, and having no door cards or anything bolted up right, I locked my ex in it haha she didn't find it funny but I sure did