Micra K13: Timing Chain or Timing Belt?

Hello everybody

I'm new to this forum and I hope you could help me.
I tried finding information about the engine if it has a timing belt or a chain but no luck so far.
I am sorry if this question was already asked.
I am unsure if the new Micra has a timing belt or a timing chain.

Thanks for answering me this question :)


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It's weird Rock, I've found loads of info about the HR12DE engine but not one site mention whether it's chain or belt driven fwn. Most recent Nissan engines have been chain though so I doubt it's belt driven.
heehee....Sorry, I'm so non techy, its scary......

I take it then that this means its fantastic and reliable and never needs looked at then during a service.?

Nissan are so sure of its reliability, it never needs serviced.?