Nissan Micra IG-T100: timing chain or belt?

One question: does the IG-T 100 petrol engine have a timing chain or belt?
What are the replacement intervals?
I've read that in case it has a chain, it would last the whole life of the car.
Just adding a point to this thread. For a chain to last the life of an engine, the engine must receive regular oil changes thru its life. The old micra engines were known to stretch and wear their chains by 70k miles if the oil wasnt changed regularly.
Also to add, depending on the driving style, there might be the need to have oil changes in shorter periods. In order to preserve the chain. At least in a K12 CR12DE.
Throttle & brake hard accelerating showing off driving style.

This puts unnecessary extra load wear & tear on the engine, timing chain, transmission, running gear and brakes shortening its useful economic life.

This “style” uses extra fuel & creates additional unnecessary climate change polluting PM 2.5 particles dust fumes particulate matter for any given journey.

In short, not a “clever driving style at all” & is a really unnecessarily antisocial making children who live near busy roads breathe “unnecessary driving style” PM 2.5 particles dust particulate matter polluting fumes.

A selfish unthinking “driving style” is a throttle & brake hard accelerating showing off “driving style”.

Sometimes we need to think of other’s needs, to be open, inclusive, & transparent, that is to begin to understand the consequences of our actions. ;)

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