Micra DIG-S rough idle / stalling


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Just to start a thread on this.

Our Micra has occasionally stalled on me for no apparent reason in the past with the clutch fully disengaged such as waiting at junctions. It was always random, out of the blue and would me many months between stalls. I just put it down to bad luck/bad timing or something I did.

This morning there was 2 incidents. 1 at a junction where the idle went very rough and it was trying its best to avoid stalling. I went to fill up then drove home, 2nd time I was waiting at a set of lights, was idling happily for about 30 seconds then the rough idle came back then stalled.

It restarted and drive home fine. I could not get it to stall again although stamping on the break peddle does cause the idle to drop and I can hear the exhaust seemingly missing a beat. From the engine, I can here a 'pop pop pop....' type noise, its not loud but seems to correspond with the exhaust seemingly sounding odder than it was.

Not done any further diag work, but will check at lunch time and maybe get a diag reader on it to see what I can see!