DIG-S rear silencer

Well, in less than 12 months/5000 miles, the rear silencer on our DIG-S has failed again.

In this case, it seems like the weld has let go rather than the pipe snapping off (the pipe extends into the back box and appears fine). Going to see what the garage says as its less than 12 months and I think its a manufacture defect. However I wonder if the bushes are beyond their best which could have exacerbated the issue as there is a fair amount of movement of the exhaust, more noticeable at idle!

I'm also tempted to DIY this given the bolts were undone not so long back so should be fairly straight forward. Does anybody have a recommendation on a reasonable make of back box?

I have a non supercharged model (think the exhaust is the same) but I had a similar issue, due to previous crash damage in my case. Rear silencer fell off while I was driving, I bought one from my local motor factors however the aftermarket part had a reduced diameter from the original so didn't seal to the forward parts of the exhaust. In the end I replaced mine with a custom stainless cat-back as they come with a lifetime warranty and sound nicer, however I would recommend seeing what a genuine Nissan one costs, as cheaper ones will probably have fitment issues, and they should still make them given that the K13 ran until 2017.

Hope this helps

Just pinged Glyn Hopkins an email asking for a cost of a Nissan one. Looked at a few online stores for a pattern part and are either £80-100 or low cost and questionable or out of stock...

Myself, I like the idea of a custom exhaust with a bit of a burble, however it is the wife's car and given we are probably going to trade it in next year (although said that before!) , I dont want to spend a small fortune on it either!