Suspension rattle / 2012 DIG-S

So, here we go again, another Micra, another suspension problem/annoyance.

My wife's DIG-S 2012 Micra now has a, what I can only describe as a rattle rather than a clunk when she loads both sides of the suspension at the same time. I took it for a quick blast this evening and tested it. On a speed hump...

Driving 'straight' at the speed hump, no matter of speed (of course, being sensible about it), the rattle presented itself. It seemed to come more from the drivers side rather than left.

Driving at an angle at the speed hump, so either the passenger or drivers wheel hit first before the other, the noise was did not present itself.

I have not had chance to have a really good luck, I do need to give the car a quick service shortly (oil change blah blah....) so my intension to have a good look then.

The car has had some suspension history, its had either the lower arms bushes replaced before but that was a different noise and symptom. The noise has existed for a while but seems to have got worse recently, maybe with the cooler weather. The same noise was reported the Nissan when it went in when it had the previous bush replaced but nothing else found.
Sent it for a service to my dealer, discussed the problem and it turns out it was the drop links.... again! This is the 2nd time they have now been replaced and the car is only on 27k
After getting a puncture on the passenger side, I decided to take a peak under the arches to see what was going on. At the time, I didn't twig but I believe the fault is the drop links again (the part between the ARB and the suspension damper) is goosed as I am able to twist it easily.

Originally I didn't think much about it as I thought it needed to be loose to allow free movement as part of the steering, however doing some digging it appears these drop links should not have 'easy free play in any direction'. Good news is the parts are £30 for a pair from most places and looks simple enough to swap out on the drive.

I have fired off an email to my usual dealer who did the repair last year and awaiting feed back. I however don't want to send the car to them for a service (major, £260, I could easily half that cost and get do the full service and swap out the drop links myself and throw in the RAC cover to boot!!) so my guess the good will repair will be lost because of this... Not sure how hard to push given its a reoccurring problem with the car.... for the sake of £30 its probably not worth my time throwing much effort into it!
Myself and dealer have agreed that I will pay for parts (only £30... not worth trying to argue about and was about to replace them myself anyway!) and they will fit for free.

Dealer has told me they will fit an alternative part which has been tried and tested by somebody else. I will try and grab this part number and post back for others reference!
Just to keep this thread up to date... the alternative ARB bushes seem to be working a treat. I don’t have the part number for them unfortunately but will see if I can get them next time I am at that dealer.

MOT and service done this weekend. Suspension lower arm bushes are showing signs of movement again. Not enough to fail.

Speaking with the garage who claim to be a Nissan specialist, that the suspension bushes on the K13 seem to fail early. He was unable to pin it on poor parts or poor suspension design. I suppose them are reasonably cheap to replace so as long as they last 2-3 years then I suppose I will just keep plodding on.