k13 fuse box question

Does anyone know what the black plastic thing does inside the fuse box (circled in red below). I noticed it can be pushed in or pulled out, but what is it for?

UPDATE: I just found out what it's for. It an extended storage switch. Quoting from another forum:

Just wanted to give a heads up, as this caused me a lot of frustration and intermittent issues, and possibly save a trip to the dealer for someone. I did search and couldn't find any reference to this "Extended Storage Switch" However it is mentioned now in the 2011 and 2012 model year manuals on page 8-22.

This little white push switch that fits over the 10 A Electrics fuse comes to the dealer in the off position, they then push it in on delivery. It prevents battery drain during storage as the name would suggest by disabling certain systems.

I started getting symptoms where the Homelink would stop working and the exterior chime also stopped, also my OBD II port stopped supplying power. Everything else functioned fine.

I checked the fuses and none were blown, however after more poking around I noticed that what I now know is the extended storage switch was wiggly, I gave it a good push in and it clicked, and all my problems went away. A week of intermittent problems solved, I was about to head to the dealer.

Edit 21/11/12 - Added affected systems info

The list below shows all the systems the switch controls, if these are not working it's a good chance it is the storage switch:

- Key Slot (Left side of Steering Wheel)
- Data Link Connector (Aka OBD-II Port)
- A/C Auto Amp. (Alloys the automatic climate control to turn the A/C on and off)
- Intelligent Key Warning Buzzer (Exterior lock/unlock chime, etc)
- Auto Anti-Dazzling Mirror (Home Link Mirror if Equipped)

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