K12 Timing chain replacement.

found a garage that's going to change the timing chain in my nissan micra k12 for a reasonable price if i supply the part. Guy in garage told me to get the whole kit but i've been advised by other people including nissan that if the chain is just stretched then all i need to change is the timing chain itself as the hydraulic tensioners won't be damaged. Who is correct? fwn
i work for nissan and we do a full kit on all timing changes it just makes sense to do it all when it is stripped out least it is all good then, you could do the chain and then 6 months later the tensioner goes and knackers the chain, do you see my point


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most garages will want to fit the whole lot (there,s less chance of a comeback, and "they,re" not paying for the extra parts :p) it depends on the condition of the tensioners really, but expect their opinion of the tensioners condition to be biased fwn
thanks for the replies, without going to nissan where would you suggest getting the timing chain kit from? tried everywhere that i can think of with no luck!
i,ve tried e-bay no-one has a kit for the k12 even phoned the garages selling k11 timing chains to see if they had any with no luck


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its better to get it from the dealers least ull know its going to have warrenty