K11 Replica or Original Wald Body Kit used required :( Help

Hello Lads,

Alright ?

yeah, I will sound like one of those lads who just became a new member inquiring something silly or wanting to start a Micra project and looking for help.

My neighbor just moved to France. Surprising knocked at my door and asked me if I want his K11 Micra S 2001 for free....yes for free. So I checked the inside out, history, checks etc. Brilliant nothing wrong ! Parked the car in my garage.

So now after hearing from mates that I should start a project on this car which I've always been interested in. So did my survey and research......and now I am gone mental wanting to start this transformation of the Micra parked in the garage.:)

Obviously, the first thing I wanted is the exterior look of the car. I loved the Wald body kit and spent hours and hours looking for someone selling them. No one is. the closest was couple of months ago. I know for a fact i can get em from Japan but it will cost me a fortune to ship them here.

So if there is anyone out there selling or knows someone who wants to sell or any advise and suggestions. Please let me know.

Please Help.....This is the final resort now :(

PS- this is how she looks now


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buy one for a mini and graft it on your micra,,,,,most wide arched body kits need alot of work anyway so your not creating to much extra work

you could also look at the metro 6R4 body kit,,iam sure theres a company down south still selling replicas

anyway you go about it your talking a few thousand just to get a basic job done,,,,and if your doing the fibreglass/filler work yourself you need to learn bodywork skills and have alot of time/patience to get a finish worth looking at,,,,,,,the amount of cars ive seen with molded body kits and expensive paint jobs only to see ripples down the body,,,,,,,,,,,,big waste of money all for nothing,,and you get laughed at for having a crapp car

unless your prepared to be become a professional in bodywork/fibreglass and spend a few grand on the kit,tools,fibreglass,resin,filler,fittings and paintjob i would think very carefully about a widearched kit,,,,,,,,,thats not to say you cant do it as iam sure you can but iam just warning you before you waste alot of money making something look like a fat guy in a swim suit

and remember your wheel/suspension setup is going to need a full on overhaul and customization to bring it out to the arches
had a think about this as it was something that interested me alot when i was a nipper

i come into the car scene about the same time the jap bodykit craze hit uk shores,,,,,nova's with kingdom kits and mk4 escorts looking like they wanted to eat kids,,,,and 3 spokes still floating about,,,,tiger stripes and faded chequers of the 90s started to fizzle out getting replaced with snow ploughs and nitrous kits,,,then fast and furious aired at the cinema and it was fibreglass galore,,,,and a row of company stickers down the door or bonnet was seen on most cars

but widearched kits have been about for donkeys and if done correctly look the dogs danglys,,usually though when people have these kits fitted its for a reason,,,,4x4 drivetrain,engine transplant or just an all out spaceframed rally car with fancy suspension

there was a 6R4 kitted metro with weller wheels around my way many moons ago,,,,still had the 998cc engine though,,,,fail

another way you could go about it is the oval track style of widearched kit,,,,steel sheet cut to shape and welded on,,its gona end up looking like something out of madmax but who doesnt like madmax?

also the amount of bolt-on arch kits for oldschool minis iam sure theres something that would look the part on a micra without spending a bomb,,,kits for about 100 notes bringing your arches out a few inch

anyhow sorry for banging on
Thanks lads for suggestions. Appreciate that.

But been wanting to put on the Wald kits on because they look quite decent on the Micra K11. Had a look on other style kits but they turn out to be my taste at all and not what I want for this ride.

Nismo or wald styling is what makes a lot of sense for me.

I've order all sorts of upgrading bits for under the bonnet and we'll excited to start this. Even if I put all the beasts under the bonnet and interior it will be quite incomplete without the exterior styling.

I hope there would be someone out there who knows anyone got what I need.

think i owe you an apology my friend,,,,,,,,,,there's me thinkng you couldn't spell for sh!t,,,,spelling 'WIDE' as 'WALD',,,,,,my grammers sh1te at the best of times but you do see some funny stuff online

ive just noodled 'WALD MICRA KIT' and realised its just a standard style body kit,,,not a wide one,,,,what a numpty!!!!

anyhow good luck with your search,,forget all the above as normal kits are alot easier to fit,,,,,you just need a good colour match or a full respray,,,preferably kawasaki green with a carbon bonnet,black multispoke alloys,,,,and nitrous,,you gota have nitrous

all the best