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  • Right so you've been online and seen my messages, I take that your not replying to my demands. I shall be chasing PayPal to retrieve my money!
    Can i have my money back please. im fed up of this now. this is the third time in over 3 months youve told me your going to post this manual and yet i get nothing. I can see from you activity that you have been on the forum so why cant you just reply. i dont care about the manual i just want my money back!
    Have you sent the manual yet? Its been over two weeks since ive heard from you and the last time we spoke you said you had posted it. Have you or not?

    I will be contacting paypal to try and get my money back.
    Sent the wald kit yet? Been waiting for a while, lodged a dispute with paypal but we'll cancel if it's recieved soon, if not we'll be pressing on with a refund, I can't be 245 quid down with nothing to show for it, hope you send them soon as I really want these. Cheers, Alex
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