K11 pollen filter

Hi all im (trying) to replace my pollen filter on my K11 facelift. (the car does not have AC!)

I can release the cover for the pollen but the dash behind the glovebox prevents me from pulling it out completely? any ideas???

the length of dash behind the glove and infront of the polen filter is perforated. I read somewhere that for the almera they just cut this out! :eek:

Yup, that's right.
I cut one out of our previous 98 with A/C only to find that it didn't have a pollen filter!

Apparantly Nissan do a replacement screw in panel but you can't see the bit that gets cut out once the glove box is back in, so not worth buying in my opinion.
Hi I am not sure if a pollen filter is located behind the glove box I am yet to find that out but, my Micra K11, 1994 has an A/C and the AC filter is located underneath the windshield, below the plastic trim where the windshield wipers are located its hard to get to but its there just in front of the passenger, from the middle of the car to the left. Its very had to find this filter its been 1 year and I still have not been able to find it. Its accessible from the outside from the engine bay.