K11 CGA3DE Gearbox Problem


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As my gearbox is 100% dead due to unknown causes.... just wondering would a CG13DE box go straight in?? or even a GA16DE box would be better!

Please help if you know becuase getting a CGA3DE box isnt going to be easy (or even possible) and no garage here even wants to touch the car becuase the gearbox is a too-bigger job for them (not an issue I got mates that can fit a box its just sourcing one).



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I'm afraid the only box to fit a CGA3 Engine would be a gearbox from the equivalent age. The crank sensor would not suit an earlier gearbox.

I believe the CG10 gearbox from the same year would be suitable but can't guarantee that.

You'll need to be looking at gearboxes from 2000-2002


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I have a spare CGA3 gear box from a 1.0 litre if you are interested. Give me a ring 01865 748000 anytime. It will fit but has a slightly lower ratio diff which is better if you are running larger wheels. Matt


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matt - thanks for what you did today. really happy with it :)

just one little thing is that it feels like the wheels are not balanced now when going about 70mph - im not sure why this would be becuase you wouldnt have touched the wheels or driveshafts to make the wobble....

but if you got any ideas please let me know...



again thanks ... for the work done was good value for money :)