Interested for the Micra's aesthetics? Then you should definitely check these photos!

Dear members, I am new in this forum, but I've read some of the discussions since quite long ago and I've got many useful information about the Micra. I did some minor dress-up to my Micra and I'd like to share some photos here, is it allowed?
Thank You for your comment Jen319, start a new thread? hmmm, I think I'll just tell it here : It is a 2013 K13, few things I've done with it are : put an "Autech" front bumper & grille, lowering it with Eibach Pro-Kit springs, put a set of "used" Taiwanese wheel (17 x 7) and repaint them, combined with 205/40 local-made "Achilles ATR Sport" tires. I also put some custom-made things like side sticker, grille emblem, "fake" Nismo hub-cap emblem, "fake" Enkei emblem on the wheels. I'll take some closed-up photos of those custom-made things and show them soon.
Hey bro, hoping you're still checking this forum...wondering what the offset is on those rims you have?

I have a similar amount of drop on my car, and while i'm looking to run some 205 40 18 i'm having a hard time determining the maximum amount of positive offset I can get away with.
I'll throw in a pic of may car as it stands now with stock wheels.
Yes, the 205/40/18 will be taller than stock, but not overly so. (~24.45'' vs. ~23.7''), my only concern is how much +offset I can get away with as I want the tires to tuck in as much as possible. (I know, not a trendy look ATM) I have done the measurements and ''think'' I know what will work... but it is always nice to see examples before buying expensive wheels that I will also probably have to wait weeks for!

This pic shows a Nissan Canada car with 205/40/18 on 18x7 rims w/42mm offset....they run just a little too far outboard for my taste.
rear micra.jpg

EDIT: I'm using the same lowering springs as the car in picture.

Also, if money was absolutely no issue I would start a new trend altogether... and commission a tire company to build Super skinny low profiles for very large diameter rims. (rims are relatively easy to CNC) On a Micra that would work out to something like 185 or 195 width in 18,19 or possibly even 20'' diameter (just adjust aspect ratio to get the proper overall height!)

Take note all you Saudi Princes, and get in first on the uber cool next wave of custom!
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Those wheels are far too big for the car imo.

Really low profile tyres are all very well but they would end up being almost all sidewall. But saying that it might not be too far off. As cars get lighter and wheels get bigger it might not be long before we see 195/xxR20.

Fair play for wanting to go in a different direction to everyone else though.
From some angles they do look kinda big, they don't look so bad from side view:
car show micra 1.jpg

Also, I found these crazy wheels LOL:
19'',20'' wheel options.jpg

I like 'em!Narrow 19'', 20''with Bridgestone ''Ecopia'' tires 175/60/19... 175/55/20...175/70/19...seems BMW beat me to the new stylin' trend hehehe. Tires are cheap, custom rims for Micra fitment... not so much. (min 1K US per)

Check 'em outhere


1st Micraversary!
Side view better, I'll agree. K13 is a nice looking car too. I've had a good look round an i3 and it's quite cool. Tyres like that will only become more common as hybrid cars gain traction (pun intended) in the market.
Here is an updated pic of mine with 16'' steelies. This is with cheapie ebay springs installed, but I have a Tein coil over set ordered so it will go lower.
Wow! It looks nice. How is the ride with those springs? Are there any issues with the struts or handling?

Thanks man :) The ride is very good over normal roads. It only gets a little wonky on very uneven asphalt, where the road badly needs fixing...suspension just can not keep up. There are a few spots I have found that make the shock bottom though (fronts only)...certain small sharp bumps or dips.
Handling feels pretty much the same as stock.
Not sure about UK or Euro cars... but Canadian version has ridiculously tall stock suspension, I've had old dirt bikes with less travel, and I'm not really joking. These springs lower the car more than the 30mm stated leaving the shocks too long and susceptible to bottoming. This is my take on it anyway.
I would be happy to dodge the odd bump and live with these springs but I want the car a little lower still and that aint gonna happen with stock shocks Tein coilovers it is! Will post pics when that comes together.

EDIT: Here is a pic showing stock front springs and lower rear springs, you can see clearly the amount of drop.Wheels are stock 15''
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Yeah! The ride is high on mine also. It's very bumby even on perfect roads, like a sports car and very soft in corners like a boat. I own the car two years now, but I haven't changed the suspensions yet, as I've been waiting for a manufacturer to launch a set of shorter shocks to pair them with a set of H&Rs in order to save some $$$. Also since I'm not racing it I don't require so many adjustments. But in the end looks like the only valid option will be a set of Teins.