HELP NEEDED!! Gearbox problems...

So the mechanic just called telling me the gearbox is almost dead...

My micra has a 4 speed box but i would like to swap it with a 5 speed one...

Is there any gearboxes which are a straight fit without need of modification which are 5 speed?

Which ones?

Thanks :D


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The K10 1.0L 5-speed will also fit. It's just a closer ratio version of the 1.2 5-speed for the 1.0L engine.
but i've read the 1.2L one has a better ratio right? if i don't find a 1.2L one i'll go for the 1.0L 5 speed one...


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The 1.2 gearbox on a 1.0 isn't great the ma10 doesn't have enough torque for the longer ratios when I had it on my 1.0 I was constantly changing down to 4th when I needed to accelerate/the road was ever so slightly uphill/the wind was in the wrong direction. I've got the 1.0 box now and its much better suited and compared to a 4 speed its still an improvement when at crusing speeds
oh ic, I just thought that a 5 speed box would be great so that i won't leave the engine revving thus enhancing fuel economy haha