Grounding kit install recommended

Hey all, I installed a grounding kit a couple of weeks back now, and can definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn't already done it. It has helped reduce chugging alot, and the throttle response is a bit more...responsive too. It helps the DBW quite some. I also changed the alternator to car body earth cable, which was looking rather sorry for itself and quite stiff. The cable kit I used is about 30% thicker than the factory stuff and is OFC too, which will help alot.


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i'd hazard a guess that , your induction kit isn't helping the running, you have a filter on a filter box, that tube is supposed to directly on to the inlet, sometimes standard is better than add ons.they spent millions testing something, but you decided that wasnt good enough so trusted a teenager who googled it and posted it on a forum. 🧐🤣