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FHK11 March Turbo

Hi to all who know me in the club.

After much thought and consideration, as way to help others as I have been helped here. (There are some genuine and helpful persons in this club)

Please don't think all this work was done by me, in all honesty I could not have done it on my own. With God's help and advise from members from here and other forums, some big tasks have been achieved.

Why I never posted before was simply modesty, but I realised I wasn't helping others on here who want to do similar mods to what I have already done or about to do.

I will list all the various mods, and if you need help advise I will help best I can or point you in the right direction.

Nissan March from Japan.

Remote Starter
Electric roof Switch (same as a sunroof switch)
Boot popper solenoid
Rear reverse light to fog light conversion
Heated Seats
Rear boot light
Fog lights
Automatic night lights
Auto box to manual conversion (Completed by me started by someone else)
Rear Brake disc conversion (ABS remaining Not complete yet)
Turbo conversion (Not complete Yet)

I will get some pictures up soon, my main thing was to start this. I have been trying to start it for ages. I don't know how regularly I can update it. I do intend to fully document the Turbo install so even a novice should be able to follow it.