Nissan March Cabriolet FHK11

Hey and good morning from Germany!

I've got a very big problem.
Two days a ago I had a car accident with my car. A Nissan March Cabriolet FHK11.
An old lady hit my car on the left side and it looks terrible!
The complete left side is damaged.
Because of this I'm searching a door for this car.

I contacted Nissan Germany to look out for a new one. But they don't have.

Is there anybody who can help me?

Looking forward for some good news!

Kind regards from good old Germany


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That looks nasty :(

You'll struggle to find one in Europe I'm afraid, best bet would be to hunt for one on the Japanese auction sites
The main one is but you'll have to translate it into either German or English (whichever is easiest) if you use Google chrome it'll do it automatically