F/S: K11 Front Fibre Glass Wide Arch Wings with Vents

Item: K11 Front Fibre Glass Wide Arch Wings with Vents
Location: Melton Mowbray
Condition: New
Reason for selling: New house forces sale
Price: £300 Delivered

Hiya, I'm reluctantly putting my front fibre glass wings up for sale. They'll be put on eBay in a few days time but thought I'd put them on here first. They were specially imported from Japan and as far as I am aware are the only ones in the UK. I was originally going to get copies made by a fibre glasser so they could be made more available for fellow K11 owners in this country but I haven't had the time or the money to do so. They fit on the K11 fine but i'd reconmend a fibre glasser fitting them to get all the lines correct especially around the bonnet area. View attachment 21523 View attachment 21524 Thanks, James.


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Would love these but not at £300. Glws

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Having imported a set of similar arches from Aspect for the pre-facelift K11, I can say £300 inc delivery is a steal...

Hope they find a good home James :)


Hey peeps,

I still have these for sale if anyone is interested. I'll consider any sensible offers :)