Door Trim Clips and boot interior lining clips

This is something I notice while working on rear cam other day, broken clips that ment to attach the black plastic that stops the paint work being scratched when loading items not sure the exact name anyways 2 of these seem to have been broken from when i got the car.
just thought this might be helpful to someone as they are a correct part and I know we could just drill the area out and add other types of pop clips to affix the item.
and bonus item before I forget this makes my pressure washer work with the old karcher wand so 15 mm to 14 mm conversion 22mm both ends and quick connect solves my problem here


  • interior side trim clips.jpg
    interior side trim clips.jpg
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  • boot carpet and interior linging clips.jpg
    boot carpet and interior linging clips.jpg
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  • pressure wash converter.jpg
    pressure wash converter.jpg
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