Clicking noise from off side front wheel

Hey everyone,

Wondering if you could give me a bit of advice. Bit of a boring question but I'm fed up with watching youtube videos where all I can hear is the guy's car radio.

I've been getting this clicking noise that speeds up and slows down with the wheel. It's not really noticeable from inside the cabin, unless the window is open, but it can be noticeably loud from outside.

First thought was its CV joint or wheel bearing.

Jacked the car up and can't feel any motion in the wheel so I think the bearing is alright.

What is slightly weird is that it got through its MOT with this clicking noise and that it comes and goes (although not depending on whether the steering wheel is turned). However, I do have an advisory that the CV boots are starting to perish. Also I've noticed that if I've had the car jacked up the noise disappears but then gradually returns once I've driven a few miles.

Despite it coming and going, and the MOT pass, I think everything is saying CV joint. What do you think?

Can't say I particularly want to do this job myself, last time I did it was on a classic style Mini and from what I remember it's doable but pretty miserable job. Any ideas what your local, friendly, backstreet mechanic would charge for this?



No not silly at all, I've actually already looked for this and even rotated my tyres to try and fix the problem, unfortunately it doesn't seem to make a difference.
I think if the wheel bearing is on its way out it makes more of a rumbling noise.

are there any ill effects to steering?
Eg: it pulls to one side when accelerating/braking?
The noise gets louder when turning a certain direction?
That could help determine which side the problem is on, if not both

My dad agrees with your thought about th CV joints, so it will probably be worth changing those anyway, seeing as they were an mot advisory.
Hopefully that'll sort the issue.

If not then further investigation will obviously be required ^_^


Thanks Jen,

Your right the wheel bearing would probably be a rumbling from what I've read.

Steering seems fine and there's not noticeable difference is how it sounds when you steer in different directions.

However, my girlfriend is convinced the car drifts slightly to the right. Can't say I've noticed it myself but I've always tested it at constant speed (assumed she had spotted a tracking problem) so I'll try it under acceleration.

Thanks for asking your Dad, I've booked it in for Jan 6th to be looked at (we'll see how much it comes to, I trust this mechanic to do a good job at a fair price). Did consider changing the boot and seeing how it went, but they say if you can hear a CV joint it's already too late. And besides it's one of the components you don't ever want to fail, the idea of the wheel seizing up at 70mph does bear thinking about.
Sounds like you've set a plan in motion ^_^
Keep us informed, hopefully whatever it is won't break the bank. ;)
Well....... i would say CV but this clicky noise is normally when you turn left or right with cv joints....
So when you say it stays the same i would say a wheel bearing is starting to go..
to check wheel bearing jack up front and grab wheel at 12 and 6 oclock and rocking back and forth for play...small play is dodgy wheel bearing

This could also be the bottom wish bone joint the bolt that goes up..this can be worn and usually clicks on bumps and can be also felt by doing the above but rocking the wheel up and down.:)

also cv joint boot is starting to perish as you said so it may have split a small bit and lost some of the grease so cv maybe starting to go (as they do with not enough grease).


Thanks K10,

Yeah this is why I am really not sure about what is going on, the symptoms don't quite seem to fit any one problem fully.

I've already tried testing the wheel for play and couldn't feel or hear any.

I'd not considered the wish bone joint, that's worth thinking about.

Part of me is tempted to stick a CV boot replacement kit on + the new grease and see if the noise goes. But another part of me doesn't want to go spinning off a motorway when the CV joint goes.
If the clicking speeds up as you accelerate, and slows down under breaking - CV joint/joints I'd put a pound on it.
Change them gaiters, re-grease, sounds good to me. ;)
Mine does the same, I get a slight pull to the left (could be camber however).Getting the full left driveshaft done as it's only an extra tenner in terms of parts.


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I think also it could be cv joint. There is not always play in a wheel bearing although it's worn out. It's worth to check also: jack front of the car up, roll the wheel forward and keep your hand on spring. You can feel rouhness on spring if the wheel bearing's 'shot'.