clicking noise from front suspension

In a previous post I mentioned that I had a knocking and a clicking noise from my front off side suspension. After my cars MOT it turned out that the front top mount was worn and this was replaced. After 3 days the noise returned and I took it back to the garage who double checked it and said that all was in order.

I sprayed WD40 on the top mount just to see if it would change anything and the knocking noise had completed stopped (this is still the case today). The clicking noise however is still there.

Anyone know what this might be and is it anything to worry about?



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even the break carriers can stop their function and have the pads tapping away.
or let it get worse then it would be more obvious.
tie rods been checked?
I've had the suspension checked by two mechanics and they said its fine. They suggested using spray grease on the spring as it could be tapping on the mount. Is this likely?
I don't know how loud this noise of yours is, but my Micra suspension is not quiet compared to my other cars. It's literally a 20min job to jack up and remove/strip the front struts. Why not invest in a spring compressor £15, and pull it apart to have a look.
Well the whole car is fairly quiet, especially when compared to some other stuff I've driven. It never used to make the noise which is whats irritating. I'm not that handy when it comes to mechanical stuff unfortunately. Would a garage be able to have a look at it. Is it recommended?


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Check your top mounts.
I had the same issue
If they are Centered all ok if not you find your problem
Also put some engine oil from the space between the top mount and the car. I do this and it help A LOT
Cheers George!

I'm going to get my car serviced next week so I'll bring this up. Been having trouble getting it going :( Breakdown guys cam over and said it was 'damp'...

Not quite sure what I make of that being as it was garaged. I've also got a lovely new dent in the drivers door.

Oh joy.