CG13DE - Conversion to Coil-on-Plug?


I have a Micra engine sat on my garage floor ready to start the process of moving it into my Mini. I have most of the bits, including a set of ZX6R throttle bodies and an OMEX 600 ECU to run it all.

What's involved in removing the distributor and letting the ECU look after everything? Do I need an extra sensor somewhere, a blanking plate and the right coil-plugs stuff, or is there more to it than that?

Long-term the engine is being rebuilt, compression ratio raised, different cams and a few other bits, but I'm time-limited at the moment so want to get it all fitted and working as a priority before I start properly messing with the engine. But it might make sense to sort this side out now so I'm not rewiring bits and pieces in the future and can build the right loom now.


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Easiest way on an Omex 600 is to use a Ford DIS coilpack module together with the original plug leads. They need a bit of manipulation to the plug terminals but they will work with the DIS coilpack.

You'll need a crank sensor and inlet air temp sensor. If you've got a distributor gearbox then a crank trigger wheel on the main crank pulley will do nicely.

Ideally one is supposed to have a barometric pressure sensor too for Alpha-N based mapping but I never bothered with the latter. Unless you're venturing up high with a meaningful density change due to altitude, temperature compensation will suffice.
Thanks, I think what you're suggesting isn't Coil on Pack? If so is there anything to be gained going CoP. I don't mind putting a bit of work in, but happy to go with a simpler solution if there's no point.

Is there a particular Ford module I should be looking for?

I should check the throttle bodies, but I have the complete unit with all it's sensors and sub-loom, so hopefully I have air inlet temp, possible the barometric sensor maybe.

Any suggestions for off-the peg trigger wheels, or how to get that sorted?

Hi. sorry to bring this thread back to life. I'm running a Haltech elite 1500 ecu. I'm looking to run a TTV crank pulley with a 36-1 trigger wheel.and a ford DIS coil pack. I see a lot of talk from Haltech about a Cam or Home sensor on the camshaft. do I need this extra sensor as it probably isn't going to be the easiest thing to mount ??