Can you still get engine oil in metal 5ltr cans rather than plastic?

Not so much Micra related (but is for the old girl) but can you get engine oil in metal cans any more?

Trying (like a lot of us are) to cut out the plastic in our purchases (yes guilty a lifetime of doing nothing and now my conscience has been pricked .... is true) and we have done a shed load household wise to do so. Going to market (first time in 20 years instead of Aldi and Sainsbury) and getting milk delivered in glass!!!! etc etc. My other half even uses a 'hair soap bar' now wrapped in paper instead of loads of plastic bottles of over priced stuff!

But just realising that the stuff I'm buying for our old motors is just as bad.

Trying to find motor oil in the old tin format but struggling. Any ideas?

Or is there anywhere you can go and get it into your own can from on those big 250 ltr drums like they used to do?

Don't mind paying a bit more to do it. Recycling is all well and good but stopping using it were we can is a lot better.
Comma do a retro type of oil for older vehicles and that comes in a tin (it is called Classic). It is for sale on Ebay and may be in Halfords.