Buying a K12 help

Should we buy a K12?

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Our daughters just past her test and has never been a fan of Mable the Micra (K11) despite me loving it, grappling with the Cam chain, fixing the window winder etc.
So she wants a K12, what do I look for ?
Are they good bad?
Do they really have a Reno engine?
Budgets about £1500


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The 160SR has a renault engine, albeit a good one:)
I think a few plastic bits are renault and the chassis is half renault, and thats about it:)


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160SR when just passing her test might be too pricey to insure.

You could get a 1.0?

I learned to drive in a 1.2 K12 :)
I have been quoted £2200 for a top of the range 1.4 SVE so a 1.0 would be better
What should I look at when buying?
If going for an earlier k12 (03/04) check if it has had it's timing chain replaced, they were prone to stretch :(
As with any car check as much history as you can, just because it has the service stamps doesn't mean that it's been looked after <_<
Get hold of the latest mot test number and do an mot test history check on it (free on the site, whatever it is now)
Just incase it failed an mot, then passed in a different test centre the same day :eek: for example.
If it seems too good to be true, it probably is ;)
Just found a K12 diesel (80hp) 54 plate for £1700, some service history receipt for belt at 72000 now on 88000, what do you think?
1.5 dci is renaults engine but pretty decent, not much other than general wear, watch fuel filler neck for corrosion, just open the cap and look at the top of the pipe, and noisy door locks. Tbf other than the steering recall we dont see many k12s coming back :)
Just found a K12 diesel (80hp) 54 plate for £1700, some service history receipt for belt at 72000 now on 88000, what do you think?

Double check the reg on to make sure it's the 82ps engine (80 if you belive Renault :p ) the tax is £30 per annum.
If it is any other k9k from that year (64,72,86ps) the tax will be £100/£105 can't remember lol (band D not C)

Mine is the 82 engine too and I love it to bits, lots of torque, and excellent mpg (currently getting 65 easily)

The timing belts on this engine should be changed every 72,000 miles or 5 years, whichever is sooner.
(Will be doing mine again next year)
Insurance group 4/5 (1-20) or 13 (1-50) depending which system you're used to ^_^

You should be able to phone Nissan to find out if it had the recall notices sorted
(Steering wheel fixing bolt last year, all? K12's
Ecu issue on k9k, well mine was recalled back in 2010 so...)
I called Nissan and it needs its nut tightening
It has a receipt for the belt at 72000 I think
It is taxed and it is £30, but thanks for the tip it could easily me missed
The only thing I don't like is the bumper and one door have been touched up and the colour match isn't as good as it could be, but its a 10 year old car
So would you bother with winter tyres in the winter?
Should I trade the K11 in for £300? Tax mot till Aug, had the timing chain done, oils still clean, 5 new tyres?
Sell the k11 privately if you can, you're bound to get a better cash price that way ;)

My paintwork is dodgy, but I ruined it myself LOL

It might polish up okay? :p

There is a new thing on the .gov site where you can check when the tax and mot run out now too ^_^

Just remember that the dci will be slight higher than the smaller petrol engines to insure.
I got £1000 for my 52 plate k11, work offered me £800 as they said they would pitch it as a runabout. If you were to get rid definitely go the private route, dam good clean and decent pictures you'll definitely sell :) and as jen said watch insurers, mine was the same price for a 1l k11 and 2l diesel 206 :/ kinda depends who your with and loads of other things as my insurance seems incredibly high compared to others :)
Well the deals done.
I traded it for £300 as its MOT is up in August so by the time a wash it MOT it and stick some trims on I didn't feel it was worth it.
The K12 is superb its doing 59MPG around town with my daughter who has only just passed so is still finding her way with this driving lark
Now its got a space saver can I just fit a Normal wheel?
One key cover thingy is missing how can I get another one? Obviously OI am too tight to go to Nissan
Scrap yard? EBay? Nissan might be decent price you may suprised, they're either cheap or bloody expensive. Full size would be fine, no difference other than how it secures in the well I think
Possibly, there is sites that let you put the tyre sizes in and tell you whether they will affect the Speedo etc. The pcd and centre bore are the same I think though
The centre bore on a k11 wheel is smaller than that of the k12.

oh, congrats on the purchase by the way :p

You have the "keyless entry"? My mum lost her cap/cover thing and ordered one from Nissan, I think it was about £5 :eek:

a standard (but full size) steel wheel may fit where the space saver currently is, but an alloy will stick out as they are usually wider/fatter
Well we bought it the battery died on day two, give the dealer his due, he came out tested it and fitted a new heavy duty battery.
All was fine reset radio, been working fine for two days, but this morning everything looks to work but the radios dead?
I have checked the fuses.
Any ideas?
Completely dead? Seen a couple of sets go down on the early ones. You got another one to try? Even an aftermarket one as a process of elimination :)
Was meaning if you hadn't got the code he would of had to take the set out which could of given you an idea for the cause. See if it happens again may have just been the set having an off day. Otherwise the top of the dash is easy to get off to have a look for any loose connections?
I occasionally (very rarely) have an issue with my radio, not being able to change the station or swap to cd or even alter the volume Lol
Usually works fine again once I switch off then restart the car
Wierd :p