Brake light switch

Hi all!
Got me a new k13 1.2 CVT :)

Safety issue here:
Brake light turns on rather late. I need to press the pedal at least 2cm before the light turns on. Brakes apply enough to stop the car.

Any one know how to move the little switch above the break pedal back a bit so the light will turn on normally? Like, when I just touch the pedal?

Of course the car is under warranty, but I rather not waste half a day at the shop.

OK, I got it.
Basically, twist 45 degrees and the switch snaps off. Same as in the K12.

I put it back so the button is only pressed half way. Now, only minimal pressure needs to be applied to the break for the lights to turn on.

Worries me that they missed this at the factory. Wonder what else they missed :(