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    K11 turbo parts

    I've got a Garrett GT15 with new gaskets for sale. I've gone for supercharging so didn't get far with the turbo
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    What model is our Micra.

    K10 = 1982 - 1992 K11 = 1992 - 2002 K12 = 2002 - 2010 K13 = 2010 - present K14 = 2017 - present Would be found upon chassis/vin plate within the engine bay
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    New K11 Owner looking for upgrades

    The cga3de 1.4 coilpack will run off the cg10de 1.0 coilpack ecu
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    K11 Micra alloys

    I've got a full set of 4 that i'm no longer using, since getting my 15" momo alloys back from refurb
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    Interpreting some Japanese

    obd1 (consult) port, if it was obd2 it would be behind steering wheel not with the fuses. Check out Nissan Data Scan 1's supported adaptors if you're after a usb one, if not a obd1 reader would work
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    straight engine swap, the 1ltr coilpack ecu will run cga3 engines
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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    I'm sorry but I wasn't gonna join in this chat about the supercharger work again, but I can tell you now Abi "was" meant to be giving Paul money for the work and "was" even meant to be "paying" for his Japshow ticket. She even paid for parts she didn't need and can't be returned (scrapyard). It...
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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    The pulley came from Impul direct. So is known to work
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    from what i remember from removing my bumper to fit my Impul one, onto my 51 plate k11. There was just the two mounting points and that was it
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    what did you do to your micra today ?

    did a oil service and filter replacement, which also then turned into replacing the brake pad slides on both sides, that turned into test fitting one of my 15" momo alloys but couldn't be bothered switching back so put the rest on
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    Mildred the Micra

    that's a relief I bet and luckily not much damage :D
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    Mildred the Micra

    D: hopefully its not too damaged or anything nicked
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    Does the K11 use OBD OR OBD2

    indeed, obd2 is behind and slightly to the right of the steering wheel
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    Does the K11 use OBD OR OBD2

    @Suicide-penguin cant say it's definitely ODB1 as he didn't say what year his is. mines an 02 coilpack and uses ODB2
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    rear is welded in place, front is held on with 3 bolts (found that out when i had to remove mine for my import bumper)