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    JDM North west meet

    only saw one other micra and that was a blck super s :(
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    JDM North west meet

    cheers mate got it sooo its been held at costco and a small donation to japans earthquake ?
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    JDM North west meet

    so afternoon then i doubt this very much tbh its mad busy there on a afternoon
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    JDM North west meet

    is this one in the afternoon or 1 in the morning ?
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    JDM North west meet

    am still game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    3 word story game

    and the k11
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    poor old bluey :(

    sorry to hear dude can i ask how you reversed the wheels ?
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    3 word story game

    day i raced
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    !!..Stani's BIG For Sale Thread..!!

    1st dibbs on the manifold
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    what is it i need? except drugs haha

    all i did is went to a local scrapper and he told me to take the engine out so took everything i could fit in the boot i got drive shafts enginge box rad all the loom all for the price of £100
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    You know your a micra owner when....

    you know you a micra owner when; your mum offers you some cash towards a new car and you argue that theres nothing wrong with the micra :P best so far
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    JDM North west meet

    yes! i will be goig to this ill bring a few of my mates down heyve got civics crxs mazda
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    some stuff for sale

    just brought your yelloow bulbs !!
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    Cutting Car Springs? Information.

    warning go on face book type in adam micra fowler look at my pics and look at the red micra result of chopping the springs fell out round a corner and rolled my car 4 time hospialised my self a wekk before my 18th birthday warning please don do this
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    hiya mate the civic erm its a 3g right well my mates got one and needs an engine have you got the origanal one out of it