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    help with injectors

    I replaced an injector on my 160SR. It wasn't too bad of a job. Hardest bits were pulling the injectors out of their holes and refitting them afterwards -they're a tight fit! Have a look at my old website, go to and click the car picture. It shows you replacing the injector...
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    K12 Radio Codes

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    K12 Radio Codes

    No prob's :D.
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    K12 Radio Codes

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    K12 electronic service manual here

    I did have a copy but I've lost it since I gave up my website :(.
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    k12 manual

    If someone who can host it wants to email me at guyrwood at gmail dot com, I'll send it to them.
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    what did you do to your micra today ?

    Changed the diesel filter the other night. A bit of a pig of a job but nothing major. Hadn't changed it for about 60,000 miles so thought I'd better get 'er done :oops: :D.
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    micra 2005,1.6 SR Petrol

    I'll need the Blaupunkt serial number of the back of it and I'll do it for you :).
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    2005 1.3 sport+ decat?

    I wasn't suggesting it was a good idea :D.
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    2005 1.3 sport+ decat?

    Option B would be less effort :D.
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    I had to remove all 4 of mine the old fashioned way. This involves finding a load of old sockets and finding the ones that you can hammer over the locking bolt to grip it and let you unscrew it. I replaced them with normal bolts because when was the last time you heard is someone had their...
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    Try beating the central, outermost, part of the disc between the bolt holes with a large hammer. You need to break up the rust that's bonding the disc to the hub face.
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    Help! K12 front wiper linkage!!?!!?

    Agreed Rusty. Leave it much longer and it'll probably fail leaving you with no wipers. When you click the new link arm onto the ball bits, smear some silicon oil or grease on it if you have any.
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    Brake Fluid Replacement

    I've changed mine twice and not disconnected anything. Having said that, it is slow to bleed. The fluid doesn't move through the system very quickly.