Which oil????


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This has probably been covered but i was wondering if anyone thinks they know which oil is best for a k11?

Ive been on Castrol's website (seeing as thats what you can get from halfords) and i used the rather handy 'which oil should i use' tool,


and it says to use their EDGE stuff (of course), but its got a rating of 0W30 which is quite different to second choice Magnatec which is 10W40.

Anyone recommend a good oil (magnatec?) as i dont want cheap crud and do about 15000 miles a year, got a change comin up soon.



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i,ve no idea which is best, but i think the sae rating has relevance to what climate you drive in 0w30 for cold climate etc
i use a cheapo semi synthetic and add some slick 50 type stuff (wynns iirc, 1/3 the price but same stuff imo)


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Its annoying cos who changes their oil in relation to the climate these days? :) I will do a change prob in may so i guess magnatec or equivalent will do the job.

I prob being naive but why aint there like more 5W30 or 10W40 grades?
10W40 Semi Synthetic.
I have always used that in our Nissans with no problems.
Always use a genuine Nissan filter. They are pretty cheap.

I read in several places that Magnatec is a waste of money.
Higher in price due to marketing. Only a few £, so up to you really.

Go to your local motor factor and see what's on offer.