Which 1.0 gearbox on 1.3 engine to get

Hello all,

I have read a whole amount of information on this mod but couldn't really understand which box fit which engine precisely.

I have a Distribor 1,3 Super S from 1996 and want to fit a 1.0 gearbox with the 4.4 ratio.
Which gearbox do i have to get ? From my understanding it is only the 98-00 CG10DE box ( so facelift ). So not the one before, pre-facelift ( shaft difference ) and not the one after ( facelift 2 ) cause it is coil pack. am i right ?

Thanks a lot for the help,
I happen to be aware from my other Nissan there is shaft difference within the GA16's produced so sounds to me you are correct. To bolt on the later engine, I guess not. Just wrote this to crack up this topic. You will need to wait for a more precies answer because I know it is out here.
that,ll be electric speedo drive tho eh
i personally think any gains are BS, and leaves the car very undergeared
+1 on the flywheel tho
Yep but you can switch the drive.

I totally agree with the undergeared part. Good for 0-60 but id never want to use it for a daily or something that sees alot of highways.
Yes facelift 1.0 gearbox. And id also grab the flywheel as they are also lighter.
You see this is the kind of information i found everywhere but it doesn't say which one to get because there is two facelift...
So i re-iterate my question, is it only the 1.0 distributor engine from 98 to 2000 that works or the +2000 coil pack works too ?
You need the dizzy one. From a facelift. Else I would’ve said 2nd facelift as the 2000-2002 model is commonly refered as
If you get the shafts too it probably will work but just tell us if that is an option for you. Happened with me but was different Nissan but same era. Don't ask me why I couldn't find a technical reason for it nor a commercial one. As Maarten said and he did, that is what fits and what not. Probably is kind of like very most probably but I am no k11 expert, Maarten is.
Ok cool ! Thanks a lot.

I don't want to swap my shafts, just swap the gearbox and put a lightweight flywheel, the car will be used for mostly b road blasting.
Well i have a Janspeed exhaust, GA15 throttle body, primera injectors, bigger pump, fuel pressure regulator, almera airbus.
Should be good i guess ?
Yes very good that means you are aware what the cons are on a 1.0 gearbox but if you redline it anyway, do it :)

btw you should have a look at speeduino, use a search, you can't use maf and you will need a wideband but then you can set your injector timing on calculated VE

How's this?
I've read the speeduino manual and I am no coil pack expert but you can ask this at their forum no problemo. Actually speeduino is a remap and I recommend wideband oxygen sensor butt afr dyno but never done it, would have if I knew how to address maf. If you are willing to change maf for their VE calculation you really should read their manual page 1. Gives all the answers. Nissan specific easy to look it up on the internet. Perhaps I should go for a ecu remap but that would be my other Nissan and ecu pricetag itself not so cheap in my view. Not sure to change view or try to find somealternative, but that speeduino manual read is tuner stuff m8, read it ;)