Tyre size on 15" Alloys?

I'm thinking of getting some 15" x 6.5 alloys for my K13 but I'm not sure what tyre size I should get or that will fit.

Does anyone have a recommendation?
That looks really nice. I'm hoping to get some Calibre Suzuka's to go on my white Micra. The steel 13's with wheel trims look poop.
They didn't have the Suzuka's unfortunately so ended up getting Calibre Motion 2 in Gunmetal. I've also put some wind deflectors on too.

They look nice, but there is still a gap in wheel arch. Is yours lowered johnH? If so by how much?
Not sure how much mine is lowered, it's on coilovers, I'm gonna guess about 55/60 mm? I did have it on 35mm Springs before for a little while and it looked a lot better than standard. I'm selling my old lowering springs if your interested? They were only on for about 3 or 4 k miles. £55 posted if you want them?
Cheers, I might be but it might not be for a couple of months until I get extra cash together as I'll need to get garage to fit them aswell.
To be honest, if you are available during the days on Fridays in September I could be tempted to pop down and get them fitted. I live near Durham so not *that* far away.