Question regarding 15" Tyre Sizes!

Discussion in 'K11 Body Trims Fittings and Aesthetics etc' started by K11Baz, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. K11Baz

    K11Baz New Member

    Hi All,

    New to this site so Hi everyone!!

    Been looking at getting the other half some wheels for her K11 Micra and came across a set of 15" Ripseed alloys. 4 x 100 pcd, Offset ET38 and center bore is 73mm, so will fit with spacers. My question is though that these wheels come fitted with 195/50/15 tyres (I thought proper size was 195/45/15). Will these fit a standard K11 without any rubbing on the arches?

    Thanks in advance for any help :)
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  3. mckenziecz

    mckenziecz Established Member

    There isn't such a think as proper size. It very much depends on the wheels width but being a rip speed I suppose they are 6j or 6.5j so you will be fine as soon as your car isn't lower more then 70mm I'd say. Even with 50mm I think the arches would be fine. Also wanna as if your cars isnt lowered it's gonna look silly on the 15s
  4. tomwest

    tomwest Club Member

    ive got about a 35mm drop with almera gti rims on 205/55/15s. i can only get 1 1/4 turn each way from center before scrubbing.
  5. frank

    frank Club Member

    thats a big mofo tyre tom :eek: do you ever get into 5th !
  6. tomwest

    tomwest Club Member

    haha thats the tyres they came on. no i rarely use 5th for a number of reasons:

    1) my exhaust is hanging down a bit low and rattles on the ARB under 3000rpm
    2) the size of the wheels means i can use 4th for the motorway cruise without too much noise
    3) my top engine mount is wrecked and i dont like going fast because it makes me paranoid!

    on the other hand, my in car speedo registers the same as both my sat-nav, and those speed signs you see around.

    i am putting new rubber on it tomorrow though. GToyo T1-Rs all round :D
  7. tomwest

    tomwest Club Member

    got the wheels off MOV on here. i cant remember who he said he got them off, but im pretty sure it was someone else on the forum.
  8. TheSam

    TheSam Buy & Sell Member

    Ive Gti wheels a 40mm drop and 195/50/15 and get full lock, no scrubbing.
  9. tomwest

    tomwest Club Member

    hmmmm interesting... i have ordered a set of 195/50/15s now. toyo T1-R s on their way to me :D

    maybe ive got more drop than i thought then! could you measure the height of the top of the wheelarch mate? i only used an angle grinder to lower mine so would be useful to know how much by. i think its about 35, but not really sure!
  10. tomwest

    tomwest Club Member

    have now fitted the toyos and there is NO scrub even at full lock.
  11. gezzemo

    gezzemo Member

    i fitted 195/50/15 almera alloys straight on my k11 and not hear them rub yet and that was 12 month ago so id say go for it

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