Tyre size comparison

Hi Guys, sorry if this has been done to death previously but couldn't find definitive answer in the search.

With the original micra size being 175/60/15 (odd profile and therefore can be expensive) looking at different tyres profile to make it cheaper. Obviously we all know when changing tyre size most website recommend no greater than a +/- 2.5% difference in rolling diameter. (185/55/15 -1.1% / 185/60/15 +2.0% 195/55/15 + 0.8% )

So how is it that Nissan themselves on the tyre pressure sticker on the door also recommend 175/65/15? as this profile is +3.0% and therefore outside most tyre site recommendations?

Both mine and my wifes K12's need tyres soon. Originally her's has standard size but my dci is running 175/65 profile, not sure if standard on this model or they were put on by previous owner being cheaper than 175/60 .

I would imagine all the dash binnacles would be the same and not calibrated differently between models to cater for the different profiles? Would be good if anyone knows for sure.

I changed my wifes up from /60 to /65 at the advice of a tyre dealer as he said I would have a better choice and hence also better priced..What I did notice straight away was a big difference in road noise ...far less with the /65..hope this helps...no noticable change in economy either


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Which K12s do you have? When i got my dCi 86 it had steels which I immediately replaced with Nissan 15" alloys. They officially take 175/65 15 tyres.
Both running standard steels, 1.2 is on 175/60 and dci is on 175/65. Both cars have exactly the same door jam tyre pressure sticker suggesting either size.