Straight Swap Seat Options for the K12


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So, I've seen in the K11 threads people putting seats from a Primera/Almera etc into their Micras, and I was wondering what the options are, if there are any in a K12.

The idea came about when I finally decided I was a bit sick of how uncomfortable the seats are, it's like they where designed by someone who cared more about how they looked and the things they did than how they felt to sit in! Which seems very contradictory.

Don't get me wrong they could be worse, they certainly hold me in place a lot better in the bends than my K11 and stand a lot more wear and tear than the K11 did as well, I'm just starting to find it impossible to find a comfortable driving position and after a year and a half and 15,000 miles it might be worth looking into a resolution.

I do find the note seats are better, any idea what a swap from those would entail?

Any advice is valued guys, and for reference, my K12 just has the stock interior that the Activ/Sport+/160SR came with!
I've always had a soft spot for the Active Luxury's seats (cream suede with orange piping)
but those ^^^^ Renault sport ones look....rather tasty :p