K12 driver seat renewal

My 2003 micra K12 drivers seat is really worn by now. The cushioning under my butt has given in to my years of sitting on it.

The seat has a side airbag and height adjustment (K12 2003, S).

On eBay I bought a K12 2005, E drivers seat. No side airbag. No height adjuster. But that's OK.. As long as I can take the seat (the bit you sit on not the back) and swap it into the 2003 seat.

I started taking apart the 2005 seat and managed to unclip the seat cover hooks (most of them not all) and I realised that the foam appears to be glued in place onto the metal. So if I try to remove the foam I'm concerned I will damage it and render it unusable thereby defeating my objective. Are my eyes deceiving me? I wouldn't have thought it'd be glued in...

So in summary, I'm struggling and wondered if there is a better way to do this?

Thank you

(I checked eBay and no 2003 S K12 drivers seat for sale)
Would it not be more simple to go visit your local auto salvage yard. Where there will most likely be a micra k12 with the seat that fits your vehicle.
I need door cards and they seem to be rare.On ebay I cannot find a driver side door one that matches my trim. Have not yet visited an auto salvage yard but I know that they would have some. Helps to know how to remove the bit you need unless they already have removed the item.
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